Orissa Claver

Orissa Claver (habla Español)

Client Relations Manager, Spanish Speaking. 

Born and raised in Spain, Orissa moved with her family to Miami at the age of 11. Spending her teens in the coastal metropolis of Miami, Orissa developed a love for making true connections with those around her. She is a natural people person and loves to make people laugh. This led her to a natural career path in Miami real estate development where she excelled for just over 10 years.
In 2010, Orissa traded in the year-round sun and ocean waves and moved from one bustling city to another; Chicago! While in Chicago, Orissa combined her people skills and natural leadership abilities and excelled motivating teams, leading sales and marketing efforts, managing complex SaaS projects and so much more. 
In 2022, Orissa moved back to Miami to work full-time with Hunt Miami. Orissa has over 13 years experience leading diverse teams and is a master organizer that excels under pressure. She’s a people person and puts her interpersonal skills to great use here at Hunt Miami. Orissa really is the backbone of the Hunt Miami team and is always willing to lend a hand – no matter the need., span